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When a woman is about to get married, her bridesmaids typically throw her a bachelorette party to celebrate her final days of being single. This can be done several ways but one of the biggest trends in bachelorette parties is to hold a pub crawl either for fun or for charity.

A pub crawl is where every one piles into one car (or more depending on how many women are attending the party) and they travel from pub, tavern or bar to bar and either collects signatures, money or odd items and then donates money to a charity of the future bride's choice. Of course there is drinking involved at each stop and therefore it would be a good idea to hire a bachelorette limo service to transport all the women from one destination to the next.

There are several different styles of limousines that would be perfect for a bachelorette party and a pub crawl in particular. Many of the larger limos, the SUV's and the Hummer limo's, contain bars, couch seating, light shows, televisions and surround sound stereos to keep the party going between stops. People in the bachelorette party will have many hours of fun while leaving the driving to someone else.

A chauffeured limo driver will pick up all the ladies at one location and take them to each of the taverns, bars or pubs so that they can participate in the pub crawl and collect their money or items, such as in a scavenger hunt and wait outside for them to return. There will be no waiting in line for a parking place, no worrying about how many and who's car to take, no stopping for gas or directions. Everything will be taken care of with no worries for any of the women, especially the one who arranged the evening.

With a bachelorette party going from tavern to tavern, there needs to be a designated driver and a limo is the perfect answer to who is going to drink soda and drive everyone around all night. The chauffeur driven limo will be able to get everyone to each location and then back to the starting point without any incidents and on time. Nothing ruins an evening more than having one of the cars in a caravan of vehicles being pulled over by the police for a sobriety check. Play it safe and book a bachelorette limo so everyone can enjoy themselves to their own limit and no one has to worry about anything, especially driving.

Sometimes a bachelorette party will be a night on the town at a fancy restaurant for dinner, then an evening of ballet or the theater and then for drinks and desert. It is hard to coordinate several carloads of women to meet at each place and find parking for everyone, especially in some of the bigger cities. Having everyone chip in a little money will save time and hassles with a nice limo ride and evening for the bride to be with all her friends.