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Many couples and groups of friends and family like to enjoy the vineyards and wine tours that offer many different kinds of wine tasting, especially in the autumn months when the weather begins to turn a little cooler. The problem many people run into is that they must designate one of the group to be a driver who must sit out on the wine tasting so that they will remain without alcohol incase the group is pulled over by the police on the way home. This is a good idea, yet not very fun for that one person.

A better idea, one that is just as safe and will have everyone enjoying the wine tours, is to rent a limo service to drive everyone. With a chauffer driven limo service, no one has to worry about finding the vineyards and wineries in time for the tours and to meet their group. Everyone will be in the same vehicle and on time. The driver will have the directions and no one will have to stop for gas. All of this will be taken care of and everyone can sit back, relax and think about what a good time they are about to have on a wine tour.

Many of the wine tours offer free samples of the wine that the winery produces in order to solicit feedback from those people tasting the wine. After tasting several glasses of wine, people should not get behind the wheel of a car and drive home. This is a great reason to have a chauffer driven limousine. No one wants to be pulled over after only having a couple of sips of wine or for having a good time. When everyone pools their money and pays for a limo, there is no worrying about who is going to sit out this time around and drive everyone else to the next winery on the map. The limo will be there to load everyone in the car and whisk them off to the next winery for more fun and wine tasting.

If the group decides to leave a wine tour early, there is no waiting for their vehicle or a tram to come and pick them up to take them out to a field to get their car. The limo will be right in front at the entrance. This way, everyone will be able to rest up for the next tour if the group is going on several tours in one day, which makes a nice afternoon of wine tasting in the Niagara on The Lake without loading up on a beat up bus from one of the wineries and going from vineyard to vineyard. Others will be jealous because they didn't think of renting wine tours limo services for their fun day.   

With the gas being included in the price of renting the limo, people will have more money to spend on bottles of wine for their collection, souvenirs or beautiful baskets for holiday presents.